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Cindy Sheehan: The deification continues [updated]

I've written on the strange way in which many on the radical left are projecting a messianic quality on to Cindy Sheehan. The process is getting more and more extreme:

Cindy is a light from above, far away from any religion or God, she is pure love and justice.

For those of us who don't truly believe in god, she is truly a gift that we must not fuck up under anyway shape or form. For all of you Jesus believers, she should be looked upon by you as a true savior. For Budhist, she is about true, unconditional love. For Muslims, she wants to stop the pain against your people. She has united this world from love, and there is no greater power then a mother's love of her child. I know, mine are my life, my soul, my joy and my acomplishments. If anyone would harm them, I would die and want to take down whoever did this. She is justified in her anger, beyond any man can truly understand. She is our Martin Luther King, Bobby K, she is a start of a movement. We don't get these chances very often because the world is asleep at the wheel.

She is the light, don't let it ever stop burning, because we may not get another chance, they don't come around that often.

Quite the mix of theology, feminism, and profanity (and poor spelling).

Christians (or "Jesus believers") should look up to her as the true saviour, suggesting of course, that Jesus falls someone short of the goal.

For Buddhists, we have a new model of behaviour to replace the one taught in the Pure Land school of Japanese Buddhism: "Revenge is best dealt with by forgetting it."

Muslims must embrace her as the one to end their pain, Allah's supremacy notwithstanding.

Jews are noticeably absent -- I suppose they are on their own with their own God. I'm always amused by the latent anti-Semitism in the anti-war crowd, the ones who call everyone else Nazis.

But defining her to be "pure love and justice", and claiming that "she is the light"? That is a classic description of the Godhead. She is to be seen as "a gift" to atheists, those who are in need of a god, I suppose, but who are wise enough not to follow any of the traditional ones. I just hope Cindy never hears any of this nonsense. It can't be healthy.

Update: Add another one to the list:

I'd go even further than that: She has transcended her person [sic: personal?] grief and become the Goddess--for now anyway. At this moment, Cindy Sheehan has become the Great Mother, and even the fundies know instinctively there is no way they can fight that kind of power, because it's the power of life itself.

Recently, somebody on DU compared Cindy Sheehan with Demeter confronting Zeus over the loss her daughter Persephone, and it's very apt comparison.

Power of life? Goddess? And she can't just make George W Bush appear and smite him?

Demeter? I guess that casts George W Bush in the role of Zeus.

Demeter, for those who are interested, is the Greek goddess of agriculture. While she pined for Persephone, unbroken winter covered the Earth. So does that mean Cindy Sheehan is the cure for global warming too?

But the best line is this: "[Cindy Sheehan has] become the Goddess--for now anyway". Reminds me of the great line from Monty Puthon's Life of Brian:

Brian: But I'm not the Messiah.
Disciple: I say you are, lord, and I should know... I've followed a few.

[Correction: missing word "to" -- thanks to readers for catching that]

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