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Cindy Sheehan: Marriage goes from bad to worse -- Patrick Sheehan files for divorce [update]

Michelle Malkin is carrying this report, first unearthed by Dang if I Know:

If the report is accurate, and if Cindy Sheehan stays true to form, we'll hear the following:

  • Cindy Sheehan will defer comment (reasonable) but when she decides to comment she'll blame the President in a roundabout way (the problem case Casey, the course she's been forced to take, something like that)

  • there will be no reference to previous statements of support and solidarity by Cindy Sheehan, either by Sheehan or by the main stream media

  • there will be no comment at all from Patrick Sheehan

  • her supporters will post on message boards clear and unambiguous statements supporting Cindy, excoriating Patrick (in the most nasty terms), with the conclusion that both she and the anti-war movement are better off without Patrick or the rest of his family (see the Quatarolo letter)

We'll see if it plays out this way.

Update: We're seeing some these predictions already coming true on message boards:

I wept today when I read that Cindy married her high school sweetheart and after Casey's death they were separated. As it is none of my business, I couldn't help but ache inside for them both. This ruthless administration has ripped apart many a stable family. I can't even imagine the loss this woman feels... [blaming the President]

Death of a child (also disability) is a major cause for divorce and it is none of our business. [no suggestion that her activism was the precipitating factor and that the marriage would save survived Casey's death]

Could some ratfucker have filed falsely? [I didn't predict this one -- I'm not paranoid enough]

There's a Rovian stench to this "discovery". [In retrospect, of course they would blame Karl Rove]

Update: A reader informs us that the petition was filed by Patrick Sheehan. This follows the pattern of reporting all is well even as her family falls apart.

Update: From a clever reader:

"Cindy treated it [the Quartarolo letter] with a shrug. Her husband will send out a more detailed response soon. In the meantime, Cindy says the letter is to be treated as little more than bad, dumb noise."

The more detailed response has been released. He filed for divorce.

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