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Cindy Sheehan: "Mother" of the anti-war cult

From a Cindy Sheehan supporter (my comments are in italics, lack of apostrophes in the original):

Cindy is a Mother to all of us now, and Im going home to Camp Casey!

Yes I know that the chickenhawk weasel [President George W Bush] kept calling her mom, with no incentive for doing so other than not knowing who the heck she is.

I do know her though, I know her through her words and actions over the last year. [So he knows her no better than me then] I know her pain because I open my heart and let the empathy flow when ever I read her thoughts or see her likeness. [So, like a Betazoid from Star Trek?] I do the same for her and all the others.... and Id just like to say to her and the others in Crawford getting ready to rally in one of the alternative Texas Churches (High School football in TX is a religion)....

I'd just like to tell you Mom... Im coming home. [Mom? Home?]

I'm coming home to lift you up and lend focus to yours and the others family words. [Huh?] Im coming to support you with hugs and work and time. I'm coming to give you my heart, my compassion and my strength. [I get it, you're coming, you're coming.]

What more is there to do when the mother of the single greatest cause in 40+ years tells you and your brothers and sisters that she needs you to come home now and support her. [Mother?!]

I'm coming home to you Mom, your maternal spirit is a beacon to our large and great family. [OK, this is big time cult-talk.]

I'll see you next Friday, stay safe and strong.

All my love and all my peace,

I swear, if the Blogging Tories ever started talking like this, I would hand in my membership long before the first group hug.

But as the Cindy Sheehan cult takes shape, with Cindy Sheehan as Mother, perhaps her "family" should consider this:

[DarkSyde]: How are your three other children coping with Casey's death and do they have any issues with the role you've assumed as a critic since that tragedy?

[Cindy Sheehan]: Carly the oldest has coped by throwing herself into school. Andy is coping by becoming Casey. Janey is coping by drinking and partying.

Unfortunately, I am not able to help them that much because of my pain, and because I feel so compelled to fight the injustice and bring the troops home.

I know they believe that what I am doing is right, but they wish we weren't in the situation, as do I.

Daughter Janey is in Europe, drinking and partying, and Cindy Sheehan too wrapped up in giving interviews and receiving visiting celebrities to worry about that right now. As sad as that is, it is even more twisted that she is not dealing with Andy. Becoming Casey? You mean driven by a sense of duty to country, an urge to serve? You'd think she'd drop everything to stop that from happening.

As mothers go...suffice it to say that Jason should stop yammering on about "empathy flow" and "maternal spirit", and remember he has a real mother who probably wouldn't appreciate being bumped out of the family photo album, especially by the likes of Cindy Sheehan.

And finally, as an older brother, if I knew my younger sister was caught up in that sort of trouble, and my mom was ignoring her to do something on my behalf, I would tell mom to stop immediately and go help my sister. Older brothers are like that.

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