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Cindy Sheehan: Cindy Sheehan rejects her family -- she is fully a member of the anti-war cult


Thursday 11 August 2005
8:05 PM

I spoke to Cindy about the "so-called" family who attacked her today. This godmother, according to Cindy, did not know Casey at all. They saw each other maybe once a year. As for the other family members, they have always been at political loggerheads, so their response is no big shock.

Cindy treated it with a shrug. Her husband will send out a more detailed response soon. In the meantime, Cindy says the letter is to be treated as little more than bad, dumb noise.

The vigil goes on.

Nasty. The pain of the rest of her family is dismissed with a shrug and as a "bad, dumb noise".

How is her husband going to send out a detailed response if they're separated? How is he going to react to his estranged wife calling his sister and his parents "dumb"?

But this goes deeper than just a fight within a family. It smacks of a cult.

This supporter, William Rivers Pitt, de-legitimizes Casey's other relations as "so-called" family. This is significant -- cults always try to separate the adherent from his or her traditional support structure:

Stupid people. They are equating Ms Sheehan's efforts with non-support of the troops...which just proves how brainwashed they are... and how ignorant they are... Frankly, life is better lived without "relatives" like that.

Yeah Maybe Rove Arranged Payment. As long as they flash the money, then they will always have lots of honeys...Hate to be a cynic here but...It is incredible what some people would do for a few bucks, even sell out their own people. Money is the main reason why prostitution is the world's oldest profession. My 2 cents. Cat In Seattle

FUCK THE SHEEHAN FAMILY. Go Cindy. If I did something similar, my in-laws would also side with "our president."

Typical fascists. They see an opportunity to exalt their Fearless Leader and kick someone when they're most vulnerable.

A sister in law to Cindy......Has no fucking right to say one damned word about what it's like to grieve for Cindy's lost child. NONE. She has no fucking idea.

hah. wow, a sister-in-law. lemme know when they bring out the republican second-cousin-twice-removed calling cindy a 'traitor'. that'll be a hoot.

From the ex-cult Resouce Center:

I'm not just talking about social structure -- I'm talking about the entire social fabric of one's life. If a group teaches you that your all of your relationships with your family and friends are somehow toxic, evil, or even just impeding your development, it immediately cuts you off from all of your traditional 'sounding boards.' You don't notice that right away, because the group is right there to replace them. We are all dependent, albeit to varying degrees, on feedback to evaluate our beliefs and behavior -- controlling that feedback is an incredibly powerful technique to change behavior, particularly when the recruit is unaware that it is happening.

Now people will tell me I've crossed the line again.

[Michelle Malkin collects messages for Cindy Sheehan. Mine is that she should try to imagine what she sounds like to others.]

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