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Cindy Sheehan: Cherie Quartarolo writes

I felt uncomfortable doing this, but I got in touch with Cherie Quartarolo with regards to her family's statement criticizing Cindy Sheehan, using the email address from the original Melanie Morgan email trail that Ms. Morgan was kind enough to send me. The questions being raised about the legitimacy of the email is valid, I suppose, if a bit paranoid.

First, Ms. Morgan, a legitimate journalist, is vouching for the legitimacy of the email from Cherie Quartarolo.

Second, Cherie Quartarolo responded from the email indicated.

Third, she has provided some additional detail, but would prefer to protect the privacy of her family:

I can verify that Casey's family listed below have contributed to and approved the Sheehan Family Statement:

Paternal Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins

This will be our only statement, Thank you for respecting our privacy.

Cherie Quartarolo, Casey's aunt and godmother

I don't expect we'll be seeing any more on this, one way or the other, unless I receive permission to print the email trail (for what it's worth, it adds little to the debate). The family has spoken.

[Another blogger has had similar confirmation. Wizbang also discusses the letter, and deconstructs a Sheehan missive.]

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