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Cindy Sheehan on eBay: Nothing says free political speech has to be tasteful

From eBay:

You are bidding on a yellow 8 inch magnet that was originally said "Support Our Troops" but had been modified with permanent paint to state "Arrest Cindy Sheehan"

For those of you who don't know Cindy Sheehan just type her name in Google. Or, just believe me and support the fact that this women should be arrested.

I am deeply sorry that she has lost her son, but what she is doing only lowers moral for all the troops as a whole, and boarders on criminal. This style of protest originally came about during the Vietnam War, and was just as unacceptable then as it is today. Where were these protests when her son signed up for the military? The last I looked there is no draft.

This lady needs to be stopped!

This has some people very upset. Probably the people who sell these on eBay:

[A variant of the "grief pimping", I suppose.]

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