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Kakistocratic Canada

What kind of government do we have in Canada?

Corbeil also began to expand Tuesday on allegations he made in media interviews that a powerful "Liberal network" controlled judicial nominations and other major government decisions.

The idea of a special group that made these decisions, outside the control of Parliament, and not answerable to the electorate, or even known to the electorate, immediately made me think of an oligarchy:

Oligarchy is a form of government where most political power effectively rests with a small segment of society (typically the most powerful, whether by wealth, military strength, ruthlessness, or political influence). The word oligarchy is from the Greek for "few" and "rule". Some political theorists have argued that all societies are inevitably oligarchies no matter the supposed political system.

At first glance, this seemed appropriate. The Liberal Party, or more specifically, that special "network", form that small group that exercise true power.

But oligarchs, despite the anti-democratic notion, are often well-equipped to rule, having been trained for their role in society. The Liberals, on the other hand, lack any subtlety. They buy off potential critics with money, or promises of money. True oligarchs often rule behind the scenes, but the Liberals are front and centre. They lack principles, unlike the NDP, the Conservatives, or the Bloc. Liberal supporters often vote for them as a default vote, instead of because of any sense of real loyalty.

And finally, when told that they no longer have the confidence of the House with which to form a government, they imperiously ignore the message, and continue to play-act at governing.

Indeed, the Liberals sometimes seem to be the worst Canada has to offer. And government by the "worst" is called a kakistocracy:

Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Yup, that seems to capture it.

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